Sun and Moon Cocktail from Greg Mays and Passion XO !!!

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While the sunshine wanes and autumn lurks around the corner, the makers of Passion XO SUN Cognac Liqueur have bottled the sweet, sultry, sun-kissed flavors of passion fruit along with the rich, deep flavors of cognac in every bottle.  Savor the dog days of summer with this super simple Passion XO SUN’s cocktail.

To make it, you’re going to need to get your hands on some absinthe as well. This is MUCH EASIER than it used to be for those of you in the US . Now that it’s once again legal here, we can make cocktails like this and disprove the theory that it makes you hallucinate. It doesn’t. It has a lot of alcohol in it though, which probably explains people acting crazy while drinking it. Also, we’ll forgo the pageantry of the slotted spoon and sugar cube on this one. You’re trying to enjoy the end of your summer, no need to hold you up any longer!

Here’s the recipe –




Sun and Moon (by Greg Mays)

–       – 3/4 oz absinthe

–       – 2 oz Passion XO Sun

In an old fashioned glass filled with ice, add the ingredients, stir and garnish with a lime slice.


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