Surprise Inside Cakes, Marshmallows and Icings – 3 Great Cookbooks

Marshmallows are a pretty hot commodity these days and not just the old fashioned white and fluffy’s. These baby’s come gourmet, served alone or with warm sips like hot chocolate and coffee. Chef Tim Kinnaird, of BBC’s MasterChef and owner of the award-winning Macarons & More has crafted together 100 mouthwatering marshmallow recipes for us to enjoy.  For more information on Marshmallows check out his site HERE.

100 Marshmallows Treat Recipes


Home Bakers, like myself, and Home Pinteresters ….yes I just made up a word…..are getting a real knack for baking up delicious treats for their home parties. But where I find myself falling short is when it comes to decorating my cakes. I do a relatively good job, and from a distance sure the cake looks great! But I’d really like to craft my skills and I feel that with Shelly Baker‘s new book The Complete Book of Icing,  Frosting & Fondant Skills I’ll be able to do just that! She covers tips from fondant, royal icing, buttercream, marzipan or sugar paste, readers will find everything they need to create fresh-baked perfection. Enjoy her book HERE.


The Complete Book of Frosting and Fondants


I am most excited about this next book by Amanda Rettke, author of the blog I Am Baker. She has crafted together an amazingly beautiful cookbook titled:  SURPRISE-INSIDE CAKES: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion–With a Little Something Extra Inside  where she shows her readers, both skilled and beginners the magic of “surprise-inside” cakes. Seriously stunning, she displays cakes with hearts, bumblebees and more, giving your guests an added pleasure to eating your cakes. This is one you will definitely need to scope out.

Surprise Inside Cookbook


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