Sushi for Dessert?

When you’re craving Sushi where do you go? How about when you’re craving dessert? What if I told you that my local Sushi Bar had a dessert I’ve been craving and can’t wait for more?!

Chocolate-Rainbow Sushi Dessert

Blue Wasabi, located in the beautiful town of Gilbert (I’m a bit biased, since this is MY town) has created some desserts that are inspired by their Sushi Menu! They’ve taken the traditional spring roll and rainbow roll but this time twisted it with banana’s, chocolate and ice cream. Now that’s my kinda Sushi!

Although the Banana Nut Spring roll was quite delicious, it was the Chocolate Rainbow Roll that had me begging for more. An ice cream strip covered in ganache and then garnished with brilliant fresh fruit, So yum! So delicious!

Relax on their patio or pair up with friends at the bar, but be sure to check off your menu sheet with an order of Chocolate Rainbow Rolls!

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