Sweet and Sour at Tonto’s Bar & Grill {Phoenix}

I had the true privilege of meeting Pastry Chef, Amanda Crick of Tonto Bar and Grill in Cave Creek, AZ and in all honesty, I do not think this review will truly reveal the amount of joy I had to be in her presence. The passion and love she has for what she does overflows from her smile in a way that I really don’t even think she knows she is doing.

Her creativity showed immensely through her desserts, which is exactly what I was there to enjoy. (Her company was just an added bonus).

The Sweet Potato Praline Torte really was stunning in presentation but a sweet surprise in flavor. Homemade short dough crust was really  just the foundation of this creamy smooth delight, made of sweet potato pie, a praline cream and warm butterscotch sauce, all joined together like a natural landscape with pecan honey lace cookies.

My favorite for the afternoon, (which is no surprise since it includes my favorite citrus blend) was their Lemon-Lime Sour Cream Meringue Pie. So sour and tart, my mouth watered just looking at it, but to my sweet surprise she topped it with homemade marshmallow and toasted the tips. So perfect and exciting all at the same time. (ya, I get excited about stuff like that).  Layered with an almond crust, kiwi’s, raspberries & lime curd, then a delicious helping of white chocolate and followed by more lemon curd. You can see now how it would be ridiculous of me not to be excited by the homemade toasted marshmallow on top.

Amanda’s attention to detail and passion that overflows into her dessert is exactly why the guests of Tonto Bar and Grill keep coming back for more.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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