Sweet Latte Recipes! Nutella Anyone?!

sweet latte

Looking for a sweet latte recipe? Egoiste has developed a delicious Nutella latte that you can make at home that will give you the gourmet feel of a cup from your local café. Instead of spending money on your daily coffee outing, try making your coffee at home! Egoiste takes only 30 seconds to prepare in hot water, and provides the perfect base to a quick and easy homemade latte.


Nutella Latte
Serves: 1

sweet latte

2 Tsp. Egoiste Instant Coffee
1⁄4 cup hot water
1⁄2 cup milk (dairy, soy, almond, etc. – per preference) 1 Tbsp. sugar
3 Tbsp. Nutella-will melt with the heat of the coffee

-Whipped cream
-Chocolate Syrup
-Chocolate Chips (or Flakes)
-Cocoa Powder

 Dissolve Egoiste Instant Coffee in the hot water
 Allow 30 seconds for the coffee to fully dissolve
 Add milk (steamed or cold depending on preference) to coffee while hot
 Add sugar to milk and coffee mixture
 Pour 3 scoops of Nutella into drink mixture
 Stir together
 Add whipped cream and chocolate syrup to the coffee as a topper
 Drizzle a few chocolate chips/flakes and cocoa powder over whipped cream

Alternate method: Add ice to your drink for a cool Nutella iced latte



Egoiste Café, an exceptional line of gourmet coffees, has arrived in the U.S. with its initial offering: Egoiste Café Noir, an instant coffee that meets the highest standards of discerning European palates and one that U.S. coffee drinkers with equally high expectations can now purchase and enjoy. This product in the Egoiste (pronounced egg-oh-EAST) Café line of coffees is being introduced to the U.S. by Coffee Globe LLC, the North American arm of HORS’ Group, an international producer of top-quality coffees.

Coffee Globe is an ideal channel for spreading the word of this “above-the-ordinary” brand of instant coffee, as its principals have led the industry in the marketing of premium coffee brands in Russia and former Soviet Union countries for nearly 20 years.

The unique appeal of Egoiste Café Noir instant coffee is that it consistently delivers a smooth flavor and satisfyingly complex taste profile that belies the usual telltale earmarks of an instant coffee. “Instant gourmet coffee” is no longer an oxymoron with Egoiste Café Noir on the scene.

The quality of Egoiste Café Noir instant coffee starts at the beginning with the best of Kenya’s Arabica coffee beans: carefully picked, high-mountain beans that give this coffee its medium body and rich flavor and the lowland beans that add the gentle, slightly nutty aroma. The beans are blended together in smaller-than–usual batches in Germany through the use of the cutting-edge equipment and patented technologies that include the producers’ proprietary and painstaking freeze-drying method—all of which helps capture the distinct characteristics of the coffee beans to later be savored in one’s coffee cup.

Egoiste Café Noir instant coffee is just one of the coffees in the Egoiste Cafe line to arrive on U. S. shores. Egoiste Cafe regular ground and whole bean coffees are also available for discerning coffee drinkers who want to brew their own.


sweet latte

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