Sweet Nautical Bracelets!


We know this isn’t a dessert or a drink, but these nautical bracelets are SWEET! Made from 100% authentic boating equipment, these are a must buy for the sailor or landlubber in your life.


The body of the nautical bracelet is made of Amsteel rope – this is the real deal. Size for size this rope has the same tensile strength as steel – you’re not going to lose it in the water. They use it to secure really important things around the boat. Such as people. The shackle is stainless steel, and while it doesn’t sound AS impressive, that, size for size, has the tensile strength of Amsteel rope. Finally, the “whipping” (accent color stitching, or so I’ve been told), is the actual thread they use to do repairs on sails. So I’d imagine it’s extremely strong as well. I think people who could get stuck in the middle of an ocean are particular about their equipment.

Anyways, the REAL reason we’re sharing this with you is that they gave us, and thus you, a coupon code! SUGAR10 is good for 10% off all orders, and for the time being there’s no limit on number of uses! SO head on over to lifelinesapparel.com and check out all the nautical bracelets and other accessories they have to offer!

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