Sweet Popcorn Intervention by Rocky Mountain Popcorn

I’m asking for help.  It’s Rocky Mountain Popcorn help.  I desperately need and intervention from these little popcorn bags.  I received a holiday “NotATin” 6.5 gallon bag-filled gift “tin” full of 15 assorted bags of popcorn – some salty, but the sweet, oh the sweet.  The Cinnamon Sugar has the perfect cinnamon to sugar ratio which is so light and soooo goood (as you can tell by the popcorn remnants left on my face, chest and bra, from the first 3 bags I polished off before lunch).  They created that “grip and pour” size just for people like me – with a problem.Here’s my issue though, it’s so ridiculously delicious (or “licious” as my toddler says) I don’t want to stop.   This nut free & gluten free treat is healthy too!  Did you know popcorn has polyphenols and are high in antioxidants?  Polyphenols are your “wine is healthy” excuse to drink red wine.   Now you’ve got a major excuse to add Rocky Mountain Popcorn to your “healthy” (yet oh so yummy) excuses.  It’s so light and airy (and not bogged down with chemicals) that it doesn’t make you feel all crappy like it’s evil twin – movie theater popcorn, in case you happen to eat 3 bags a whole serving of it.

Health aside, it’s just flippin amazing.  Just take my word for it.

Sweet Deal Alert:  order online and use the discount code “notatin” for 10% off your order

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