Long Island Iced What? No, No, No, You Want Sweet Tea Vodka

Go to your Pinterest. Go to your Pinterest RIGHT NOW and add this to your “Mason Jar Inspiration” pinboard. You know you have one. Now do it. Go!

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is a refreshingly sweet and tasty concoction that is so darn yummy and iced tea-like that sweet cocktail enthusiasts and Southern sweet tea aficionados alike will come together in their mutual enjoyment and cheers this stuff. But what better way to cheers a sweet tea inspired cocktail than out of a mason jar cup, you ask? Well, there really is no better way. So start planning your get-together immediately, shine up those mason jars… And thank me later cuz I’ve just made your next winter barbecue that must tastier AND Pinterest-worthy!


You may want to install a porch swing as well so you can sip a glass while staring up at the stars over the bayou. The Southern charm of this vodka inspires!

The Original Sweet Tea flavor is a delight. The perfect crowd pleaser or easy afternoon wind-me-downer. And I can’t wait to try Firefly’s other sweet tea options like skinny tea, raspberry tea, peach tea, lemon tea, and mint tea.

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