Sweet Wines for Sweet Minds {Park City}

I have returned from Park City and have officially fallen in love with the wine festival. Utah has hosted the Wine & Food Classic for eight years in Park City which is not only notorious for their winter ski season, but also for the beautiful summer scenery, outdoor activities and the collective passion of tourists that the town draws in for their wine festival.

I began my visit in Park City with the festivals Stroll of Park City which included walking through the historic Main Street enjoying wines from various local wineries and specialty appetizers from each restaurant that hosted a “stroll stop.” I truly enjoyed the open invitation each wine vendor presented especially for someone, like me, who truly was not yet a wine connoisseur. Each provided detailed information in a relaxed environment, making the experience truly enjoyable and informative.

My goal for the weekend was to seek out the sweetest wines and best dessert wines to make known to all my crazed sweet loving reader’s out there. (if you’re sneaking a bite of something sweet from your pantry so the kids don’t see, you definitely fall into my “crazed” sweet readers category.)

On the stroll, I enjoyed California Pink Truck Wine which was very sweet & yummy. I also enjoyed Cline Winery‘s Ancient Vines Zinfindel which would compliment most desserts extremely well and I also had the pleasure of meeting one of their representatives.

After the stroll I had the honor of attending the Wine Classic’s Grillin and Chillin in Cayman event atop the beautiful and spacious roof top of Sky Blue Lounge at Sky Lodge on Main Street. (Voted top ten rooftop bars by USA Today). Here guests enjoyed traditional Cayman Island dishes from two top chefs from the islands, along with tropical cocktails and the good stuff I was after which was the tempura fried banana’s for dessert.

Sunday included a bit of rain…..well, let’s just say it was more like a down pour of rain with wine enthusiast running for cover under white awnings, scrunched together sampling Utah’s finest wines, spirits & delicious samplings of the local restaurants dishes. The Canyons Resort is host to The Toast of Park City’s Grand Tasting event which draws in hundreds of guests, each there in excitement to find their favorite wines, enjoy live music and bask in the array of conversations amongst one another.

Here at the Grand Tasting I had the opportunity to sample Ste Chapelle’s Soft Huckleberry which was especially sweet and light. Very easy to drink and I would recommend for the “newby” to the wine world. (like my hubby).

I did find two wines that I absolutely fell in love with and I know you will too. Be sure to keep your eye out for their complete reviews coming up soon. I know you’ll be surprised by their unique flavor and style which are perfect for personal buys and even to purchase as gifts.

As I packed my bags to come home I began to miss the town I had barely come to know. The mountains of greenery, the feeling of community, restaurants upon restaurants of unique cuisines and chef inspired items, fresh flowers, and the true hospitality each member of their community displayed. Park City will be at the top of my list for recommendations and I haven’t even began to tell you about their desserts….

Be sure to keep a close eye out for which sweet treats Park City had in-store for this sugar loving traveling writer of Sugar Loco.

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