Sweeteeth Chocolate

We first ‘met’ Eric “Johnny” Battles, Sweeteeth creator,  through this video, go watch it quick – – – cool right?  We were instantly hooked on his downhome-urban-retro-chocolatier style, but back to the chocolate…Cinnapsis is a yummy compilation of dark milk chocolate, dried apples, candied pecans & cinnamon.  This is my favorite!

Cinnapsis bar unwrapped sweeteeth chocolate

A’Chocolypse ROCKS! With dark chocolate, candied ginger and popping sugar, this bar is unique and fun.

Achocolypse chocolate sweeteeth gourmet dessert

You can find Sweeteeth at a few awesome candy boutiques inclugin Sugar Sugar in Minneapolis.  Or shop online and be sure to grab a jar of the Salted Caramel Sauce {you can thank me later}.

Be sure to look at their NEW website!

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