Get your Swerve {sweetener} on

I realize that not everyone can and will enjoy the pleasures of pure, unadulterated, sugar.  I try to look at the items that cross my desk objectively, and though I do not, on a daily basis,  choose to partake in items that are calorie-free – there are times when I am surprised by them, which leads me to talking about them because after all, regardless of calorie counting (or not), it’s about the flavor for me. (holy crap, excuse the giant run-on sentence) Enter Swerve as one of those that has me shocked.  

Swerve is an all-natural sweetener, derived from the sugars in fruits and veggies. No artificial ingredients or preservatives, this creation is full of sweet – and no, uh hem, explosive side effects.

I did some experimenting by secretly replacing regular sugar with Swerve in these Banana Blueberry Muffins, I didn’t tell anyone I did it….Everyone was raving over those muffins.  Like, REALLY raving.

If you or someone you love, LOVES sugar, but can’t have it due to calories, glycemic index, or any other reasons, I definitely recommend this as an alternative.  Go ahead, get your Swerve on.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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