Tasty 100 Calorie Gourmet Puffed Corn Desserts from @CosmosCreations !!!

CosmosCreationsWhen I was a kid, one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season was getting one of those HUUUGE tubs of flavored popcorn. Every year, the flavors would disappear in the same order. First the caramel popcorn, then the cheesy orange, then the regular buttered. My only saving grace was that my parents realized how terrible it is for a person to eat caramel corn by the gallon. That’s why it was only for Christmas time.

Coconut Crunch 3 sizes

Unfortunately for me, and everyone else my age, Cosmos Creations wasn’t around back then. They have 6 amazing flavors that come in 3 sizes each, but I was really blown away by the 3 dessert varieties. If you’re a caramel lover, they have you covered with a regular Caramel AND a Salted Caramel option. If you prefer a little heat with your dessert, the Cinnamon Crunch is right up your alley!

There were two aspects about these snacks that blew me away. The first was the crunch. Cosmos Creations has found a way to coat their puffed corn with the PERFECT amount of toppings that gives you a satisfying crunch while still retaining the airiness and flavor of the old school popcorn. MultiServe_SaltedCaramel

The other aspect that I was amazed by is that each servvng is only 100 calories! I could have eaten SOOO much more caramel corn when I was a kid and I would have ended up SOOO much less chubby. Oh well. Even though it’s too late for my childhood, this adult is looking forward to eating these treats YEAR ROUND!!

Interested in learning more about Cosmos Creations? Check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed and remember – Be Sweet!

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