Tasty New Cocktail from Bombay Sapphire – Winter’s Kiss!

“BUT IT’S NOT WINTER YET!!!!” you probably yelled at your screen. And that’s true. It’s not. However, with the power of wishful thinking, we’re thinking we can bring a little bit of winter weather. We’ve done this before – earlier this year, like really early, it was a little cold in LA so we posted a summer drink. Well, it worked. TOO well. It’s been hot ever since. We need to reverse the effects of our cocktail curse!


Bombay Sapphire to the rescue! They sent us over some cocktails for the coming months, but we just couldn’t wait on this one. We could definitely use more than just a “kiss” of winter though. We need a whole bunch of rain and much cooler temperatures. Does this mean that we have to drink a WHOLE BUNCH of these, or should we hold off and see if the one is enough to change things like the summer cocktail was. Or, another option – we could stop trying to and succeeding in changing the weather with blog posts, because that’s way too much power for two people. Let us know what you think in the comments.

But anyways, back to the cocktail. It’s crafted with ingredients that open up the tastebuds, leaving your mouth with a cool feeling. Let’s hope that mouth watering cool feeling translates into some winter weather. Just not too extreme. Here’s the recipe –


“Winter’s Kiss”

1.5 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin

.75 oz. fino sherry

.75 oz. Martini Rossi Bianco


3 dashes bitter truth celery bitters

Add first 3 ingredients to shaker with ice. Pour into a tumbler, garnish with vermouth and bitters. Enjoy!

–Created by Bombay Sapphire SF’s Most Imaginative Bartender Winner, Brian Means of Dirty Habit in SF

Like this recipe from Bombay Sapphire? Check out their homepage for more info!



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