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Are you getting a heads start on Father’s Day this year? I AM! Ok, so my dad’s been my dad for _____ amount of years (ya, I left that blank!) And well, he’s had his fair share of Father’s Day gifts – you know, handmade artwork , coupon book……then you get a bit older…..t-shirt, make him dinner…..a bit older…… card? maybe a DVD? …….. Then the circle comes back around once you have your own kids…they make grandpa a coupon book or handmade artwork – fun stuff right?!

Not this year! This year, Dad’s getting THE LOVE OF BEER CHOCOLATE BOX from TCHO

The Love of Beer TCHO Chocolate

TCHO  (actually pronounced “choh” – the “t” is silent) is bringing a new way of thinking to the ancient food of Chocolate or Cacao with a new hip vibe for us to enjoy! Working directly with their farmers, TCHO makes sure each bean is of the highest quality allowing many of their products to be Organic Certified and Fair Trade.

When I received my package from TCHO I was in awe of the different varieties of chocolates they provided. Personal sized Milk & Dark Chocolates, Artisan Confections, Baking Chocolates and my absolute personal fave – Their Mokaccino Chocolate Bar – Milk Chocolate with Blue Bottle Coffee, which was awarded Silver Award for Best Milk Chocolates in America in 2012.

TCHO Chocolate Bars

TCHO offers tours of their location so you can see just how much love they put into every ounce of chocolate for us to enjoy!

Thanks TCHO!

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