Tea Sodas at Teatulia Tea Bar!!!


I was recently treated to a tasting of hot teas and tea sodas at Tea Bar, the hip little café that shares a space with an eco-friendly auto-repair shop called Green Garage. These teas, all grown in their own tea garden in Bangladesh, are elegant, mellow and mild. Black, green, white, oolong, and herbal—they have it all here. My favorite hot tea was the ginger green which will debut in October in natural/specialty stores nationwide.


I love a good cup of tea on its own, but for a great, guilt-free way to satisfy that sweet tooth, try the tea sodas, a refreshing mixture of tea concentrate, fresh fruit, herbs and sparkling water. For something bursting with flavor, try the green tea with blackberry and peach puree, muddled lime and cilantro. If you feel in need of some balancing, try the dark purple Tulsi tea with wild berry puree. The black tea provides a bit of pick-me-up, while the Tulsi, an herb found in Southeast Asia, is supposed to help manage stress. Or if you, like me, are desperately trying to hang on to the last days of summer, try the brightest of the bunch, the seasonal Pineapple Express tea soda, a white tea with pineapple, cucumber, and muddled lime.


These teas are 100% organic and Teatulia is a company that is devoted to eco-friendly, sustainable practices and packaging. In addition, the company has established education and health programs for the people working in and around the tea garden. So treat yourself to a delicious tea soda, feel good about it, and most importantly, enjoy!

Interested? Check them out on their Website, Facebook, or Twitter!

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