Team Yasso: Get Yo Greek {Yogurt} On

Yasso has taken everything we already love about our Greek yogurt at my house (all natural, ultra creamy, low fat, and delish!) and added sweet fruit and a freezer to make some ultra amazing frozen Greek yogurt bars that have us flipping our lids! If you already have a Greek yogurt habit, you will definitely want to throw these yummy beauties in the mix and if you don’t already have a Greek yogurt habit, well hold onto your hat, because you might have one soon, a frozen Greek yogurt habit!Bars-Packaging

The delightful 70 calorie treats are gluten-free, kosher, and contain no rBST or corn syrup. They come in simple flavors like strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. We got our blueberry on and everyone in my house, especially my four year old, did a major happy dance!

Yasso also sells frozen greek yogurt smoothies that look so good!

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