Teaser for National S’Mores Day!!!!


National S’mores Day is coming up August 10!!! We wanted to give you a heads up for it, because not knowing about National S’mores Day until National S’mores day is a recipe for disaster. What if you get to the store and they don’t have any s’mores ingredients? Then you’d have s’less, and no one wants to be left out on the s’mores action. Consider this your fair warning – go to the grocery store now so you can enjoy your s’mores on Sunday!

S'more Chocolate Pie 2

The above pictures are just a couple of examples of signature s’mores created by Chefs from various Delaware North-owned restaurants around the country. The first one is a Raspberry S’more, from Executive Pastry Chef Michael Gabriel from The Sea Grill & Rock Center Café in New York City. The second is a Chocolate S’more Pie, from Globe Life Park in Arlington, home to the Texas Rangers.


Come back later this week for more pics, more s’mores, and some recipes too!

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