That’s Me! I’m on a chocolate! @Tasty_Image

We were recently contacted by a company name Tasty Image about their chocolates and designs. At first I loved the concept but then wondered, well, are the chocolates even any good? I know our image will be on it, but sometimes with cuteness quality is sacrificed. Boy was I ever wrong!


We first have to talk about the quality of the chocolate because it’s what I am most thrilled about. I received a box of assorted chocolates, plus a chocolate business card, little chocolate rounds and chocolate suckers and each were equally as delicious. I seriously was so giddy opening up to see my business card in a little case filled with chocolate – ADORABLE~!!! I mean seriously, if you’re looking to make a huge impact this year in your business – I really think these are the way to go – wouldn’t YOU remember someone that gave you a CHOCOLATE business card?

Next were the Chocolate Lollies with our pictures on it. I instantly thought of how cute this would be as a “Thank you” gift for a party or even as an invitation to a kids party. Once again – YOU’D REMEMBER if someone invited you to a party with a Chocolate Lollipop!

I really was thoroughly delighted by the quality from Tasty Image. A few of my pictures were a little dull in color, but I feel like that is something that was based  on my picture quality not the print quality.

Such a fun treat and TASTY too!

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PS – we did snarf these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion.

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