Longing to visit France? Take a trip to The Art of Bread

Patisserie. Not a word you hear very often, but when you do, you know it is going to be very special, a really classy place. As I pulled up to Art of Bread, even before I entered the bakery as I looked through the wide glass panels, I knew I was in for a treat (no pun intended….well maybe!)

And boy was I right! As I walked in the door, I was hit with the most intense fresh baked smell, so mouth watering that it stopped me in my tracks as I took a few moments to inhale it in. A welcoming setup with tables and chairs both inside and outside creates a lovely place for people to meet and relax while enjoying a taste of France. Offering the usual items found in an American Bakery such as double chocolate chip walnut cookies, cranberry-orange scones and pound cakes. In addition to fresh bread and Quiches, Art of Bread is known for their patisserie section where they host a constantly changing menu of tarts, pastries, macaroons and many more French delights in a variety of original flavors. Everything is baked on site every night (or morning, depending on what you call 7pm-4am)! Head Patisserie Chef Julie Clemenceau has been in the US for five years and her talent for creating authentic recipes shines through, and the customers of Art of Bread can see it too as they almost sell out on a daily basis!

Although the chocolate croissant (or Pain au Chocolat if you want to call it by its real name) brought back many childhood memories, and was the best chocolate croissant I have enjoyed in a very long time, my French treat of the day was the Caramelipear. It was a masterpiece to look at, one that looked too good to eat. Four layers created a whirlwind of flavors and textures to provide the ideal dessert experience. From the salty-sweet caramel layer on top, to the creamy, but delightfully light vanilla mousse with small spiced pear pieces mixed inside, sandwiched between two layers of the most wonderful moist sponge. Perfected with a small sprinkle of crunch on top of one corner of the caramel layer, this is a beautiful creation that is unlike any American Dessert.



So next time you find yourself daydreaming about traveling to Europe or need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, take a short trip to Art of Bread and enjoy one of their French Delicacies. It is easy to drift away in a world of European Tradition with their comfy chairs and tables, and the fresh baked smell that only can be found in true French bakeries. With a menu changing daily, this is the perfect place to get lunch with a friend, enjoy a sweet treat in the afternoon, or get about as close as you possibly can to sitting in a French Boulangerie….without actually being there!

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