The “Comfort Food” of Dessert

Sweet Sally’s prides themselves on mustering that nostalgic feel, and it was evident from the minute the overflowing sampler arrived in the mail.  The first impression, was a fantastic one…a hand written note from Sally!  All of their products are packaged neatly in crisp white packages, and each comes printed with the nostalgic story of the sweets themselves.

My favorite to sample was the bars.  More specifically, the raspberry bars.  Tangy raspberry under a crumbly topping along with hints of coconut-oh my!  They were so flavorful!  I also thoroughly enjoyed the lemon bars…I have a thing for tangy desserts.  The heart shaped brownie captured my heart too, what an SWEET gift these would make for Valentine’s Day!

Sweet Sally’s is really the ultimate “comfort food” of dessert.  If you enjoy sending your own handmade treats as gifts, Sweet Sally’s is the next best thing.  Not too fussy, and downright delicious.  I am thinking Valentine’s Day…but Sweet Sally’s would also be the perfect surprise for a couple with a new baby, or a housewarming gift.  Really, I am sure you can think of someone…send them Sweet Sally’s today!

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