The Easier Way to Make Rosette Cookies for the Holidays

When you get to enjoy a classic dessert that your grandma used to make, doesn’t it just taste better?  Rosettes have been around for generations, and a standard at many Scandinavian holiday celebrations.  They are light and crispy puffs that are often sprinkled with sugar, or can even be filled.  They are also painstaking to make.

There is definitely a learning curve to this!  Recently, Horizon Equipment invited Sugar Loco for  a visit to show us how their new line of Kettle King Rosette Irons work.  The main difference between these and the irons your grandma used, it that they have a spring release – so brilliant.  Funny thing about it, during the demonstration there were several men standing around reminiscing about “how their grandma” made Rosettes.  It was heartwarming.  Watch how it works!

Rosettes are so popular for the holidays, and it’s always an especially important time to spend time in the kitchen, baking and bonding.  The Rosette Irons are definitely an investment piece {starting at $150} for your family, one that will be passed onto future generations to keep the tradition going.  Grandma would be proud!

how to make rosettesLike what you see? Show them some sugar…

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