The Girl Scouts made me do it!

I’ve always been a coffee drinker. ALWAYS! Ok, well, not when I was a kiddo, but I tell you what – whenever my grandma came around it was as if coffee ran through her veins. I could smell it on her and even to this day the smell of coffee brings me wonderful memories about her. I also know, that there had better be a full pot hot for that woman when she comes over for a visit. So yes, coffee was destined to be in my future.

Now, it wasn’t until Sugar Loco that I developed a craving for sweet creamer. Some may say its an addiction to sugar, but I’m calling it an eye-opener to “acceptable” dessert in a cup in the morn.

Coffee Mate Girl Scout Creamer

I’m sure you’ve heard through the grape-vine that the Girl Scouts have released some of their delicious flavors to even more delicious treats – ice cream, candy bars and NOW COFFEE CREAMER TOO! Coffee-mate of course is the one to release these family known flavors and boy are they yummy. I have to say, the Thin Mints flavor was good, but it wasn’t as unique as their Caramel & Coconut flavor. I am in love! If you love sweets, and you love the richness of coconut, this is the flavor for you.

I love that we can get our Girl Scout cookie fix in all year around now!

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