The Gnome’s Nook Confectioners {Denver}

Could it be that Gnomes really do exist?  Little Gnomes working hard to make candies.  They come out at night, you know.  They put their little hands to work, must take at least ten of them to put together one piece of candy?  Maybe Gnathan here made your licorice last night?

May seem a bit cheesy, but kids Eat. It. Up.  How adorable that this Old Gaylord Street confectionary has a world of cute little guys making all the candy?  Well, if Elves can make cookies, why can’t Gnomes make candy?  What?  They’re not good enough?

An adorable shop outside a few blocks east of Washington park filled to the brim with imagination, fantasy, and Gnome sculptures.  Oh and there is candy upstairs too.  Hand-crafted candy that only the little Gnomie hands make.   

(Images provided by The Gnome’s Nook Confectioners)

A must see attraction for the kids for sure!  Werd to your Gnomies.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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  • August 13, 2012

    Lori Lavender Luz

    I’ve got to take the kids there! For the KIDS, yeah, for the kids.

    I don’t know about candy-making gnomes, but I’m certain of the existence of mess-making gnomes in my house.