The Guest of Honor at The Ritz Carlton {Dove Mountain, AZ} Dessertcation

What if I told you that I knew a place….a place deep in the hills, one that as you travel to, you get lost in its surroundings; relaxed and catered to. You’d love to go there wouldn’t you?

I’ve been there. A place where you truly feel like the Guest of Honor yet enjoy the comforts of home all at once. Serendipity around every corner.

Plan as a vacation or stay-cation, or if you’re me – a Dessertcation, the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain is this place I speak of and it is everything and more than words can describe. An Experience that is sure to provide the relaxation every mind needs.


Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Executive Suite

I had the true pleasure of staying in their Executive Suite with a beautiful view of the mountain side. While preparing for dinner there was a faint knock at my door and a pleasant surprise was presented to me. A fruit platter with local goat cheese and bread.

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Goat Cheese & Fruit

Next was my dinner reservation at CORE,  The Ritz-Carlton’s very own American Kitchen & Wine Bar with six different dining venues and dishes focusing on their region and local growers. One of my personal favorites is that they even have a beautiful citrus grove that you can view from the restaurant where many of the dishes are inspired from.

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain CORE American Kitchen Dinner

After enjoying a fabulous dinner with the surprise of Fried Avocado’s as an appetizer it was time for the dishes I had truly been dreaming about – DESSERT!

Meeting Chef Daniel Mangion was definitely a highlight of the evening. His passion for what he does overflows from him in a way I’m not sure he even realizes. He exudes a confidence in his career that is contagious and could make even the fullest of men make room for one of his sweet delights.

I loved his belief in creating a menu that should have at least 2 things a guest should recognize and one item that intrigues them — which you shall see when I unfold my favorite dessert of the evening!

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Dessert & Wine

On the menu for the evening was CORE’s Madagascar Vanilla Bean Cheesecake accompanied by winter citrus and a Blood Orange Sorbet,  The Warm Fudgy Brownie, Tiramisu & their Meyer Lemon Creme` Brulee served with homemade Pistachio Macaroon’s. I also want to point out, if you ever have the opportunity to have a wine pairing with any desserts or dishes – TAKE IT!!! Its such a fantastic experience to have specific wines that compliment your dishes.

Of all these scrumptious creations, my favorite by far – that definitely had me intrigued, was their Regional Ice Cream Sundae made of Dulce de Leche, Mexican Brownies and a homemade Habanero ice cream. It was incredibly delicious – spicy yet not too spicy, sweet and rich yet light all at the same time. Chef Daniel captured the local culture and served it in a goblet for all to enjoy!

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Habanero Ice Cream Sundae

After experiencing all that CORE had to offer I was swept away to their fire themed lobby lounge & bar, Ignite which serves a full menu, drinks and sushi bar. I was served a sweet S’more Martini while continuing down a path, when right around the corner were blankets and a homemade S’more kit awaiting for me beside a wood burning campfire. Under the starry sky I roasted the best tasting marshmallows a girl could get while sandwiching it between two homemade graham crackers and artisan chocolates.

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Homemade S'more's and Martini's

Now, do you remember the part where I promised that they treat you as the Guest of Honor? I’m sure you may already see why I nudged at this concept, but awaiting in my room is what tipped the scale. (literally “tipped the scale” – have you been keeping track of how many sweets I consumed).

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Bird Cage Chocolates

A birdcage filled with chocolates, candies and cookies along with a personal letter from the chef! Straight to a dessert lovers heart!

I fell asleep that night completely whisked away by my experiences and fluttering with excitement for what awaited for me the next day. (The fluttering could have just as well  been from the sugar intake that evening too!)

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Cayton's Burger Bistro

The next afternoon I enjoyed The Ritz Carlton’s newest delight (oldest venue, newest menu) Cayton’s Burger Bistro. With a newly released menu, the bistro has been flooded with customers every evening. Although the burger sampler was delicious, it was the Shakes & Doughnuts that won me over. Cayton’s Doughnuts are served with seasonally inspired fondue dipping sauces, which lucky for me a Raspberry Fondue was served. (YUMMY!)

I also enjoyed their Thin Mint Shake, made of the always delicious Girl Scout Thin Mints. (Which by the way – I’m sure the girl they bought all the Thin Mints from won the trip to Disneyland – hah!)

Also a must try are their “Adult Shakes” with shake names like “The Dude” and “Old Pueblo”.

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Adult Alcohol Milkshakes

My experience at The Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain was nothing short of pure relaxation and enjoyment!

To be the Guest of Honor amongst strangers soon became a comforting experience amongst friends.


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