The Icing on the Cup…Cakes {Houston}

Nestled in a quaint suburb of Houston is a cute little cupcake shop called Icing Cupcakes. Beneath their big oak trees in Katy, Texas are some amazing cupcakes with bold flavors. Three women, former high school friends founded Icing Cupcakes with the question, “if you weren’t doing your current job, what WOULD you be doing?” They all answered… “making cupcakes!” and the rest is history!

Icing Cupcakes are not your “run of the mill” cupcake company, these ladies have created some off the wall flavors that are so awesome, that they just work!! Cap’N Crunch, Sweet Potato, and Orange Dreamsicle are just a few of the almost 40 different flavors that they have to offer.

Icing Cupcakes offer a variety of options outside of your standard cupcake. Their over 21 line is an adult crowd pleaser! There are 8 different flavors from Mojito to White Russian, the straight alcohol is added to the batter, filling and icing of each one.  They also offer a Sugar Free option, Pupcakes (for your favorite pup!) and Cupcake Bars, customizable for your special event. The Brownie Explosion cupcake above was my personal favorite. It is a brownie cupcake with a chocolate filling, topped with vanilla whipped icing, garnished with heath bar and brownie chunks.

They’re all about the philanthropy too!  Check in with them to see what type of event they’ll be sponsoring, so you can give back and get a taste.

Photo Credits:  LA Photography

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