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"the menting pot"

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with the owner of  The Melting Pot located inside  Easton Market Place in Columbus, Ohio.  I had never had the chance to try the restaurant until now.  I have to say that I had been missing out on a wonderful dinning experience.

The Melting Pot has a very relaxed setting. The atmosphere although relaxed, is quite inviting. One would automatically think that the main service at The Melting Pot  would be savory cheese fondue.  Although this may be the case, I was able to find out much more by speaking directly with owner, George Chaposky.

In conversation with George, I quickly learned that  The Melting Pot has been one of, if not the only restaurant to offer a Chocolate Fondue. I was surprised to learn this, but once given a sample of their chocolate fondue, I immediately understood why he would mention that.

"chocolate fondue"

The Chocolate Dessert Fondue is brought to the table by one of the hosts. The stainless steel  pot that holds the pieces of chocolate is placed on top an electrical burner conveniently located in the middle of the table. While the chocolate melts away into a velvety, warm, sweet puddle of goodness, you are served a platter of fresh strawberries, marshmallows, pound cake and other treats.  Yes, these are cut into small pieces which fit the skewers exactly, which allows you to dip them in the velvet chocolate before devouring it.

"dipped strawberry"

The taste of the fresh ingredients dipped in the melted chocolate is undeniably rich, warm, and inviting. When advised by George that all the ingredients served at  the restaurant were fresh, he meant it. I learned that all the food, including the all of the fresh fruit is purchased and prepared daily.

In my humble opinion, The Melting Pot  is by far one of the best restaurants to go to for entertaining a large crowd, or on the opposite, it would be absolutely the perfect place to experience the Chocolate Fondue for an intimate party of two.

Like what you see, then show them some sugar…


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  • June 11, 2012

    Lori Lavender Luz

    You know, there’s a Melting Pot in my town, too. And you’ve just made me want to make some reservations to go there.