The Schnecken (it’s a cinnamon roll people!)

The Schnecken — something that truly should have its own spot in the English Dictionary. Seriously People! One that can only be described as the “ooey, gooey, buttery bliss hunk of a loaf of delight that will thrill your taste buds!” That’s how Queen City Cookies describes them and I honestly could not have come up with anything else better than that!

Schnecken Cinnamon Rolls

You may recall when I mentioned their Bacon Schnecken (HERE) made with caramelized bacon pieces but I am here to tell you now that my heart belongs to Queen City Cookies’ Blueberry Vanilla Schnecken made with Maine blueberries and Madagascar Vanilla.

My day stops here, with the Schnecken, there’s really not much else to do after you’ve enjoyed the best – unless of course you’re ready for another Schnecken!

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