The Secret To Making Your Own Cinnamon Rolls At Home

Cinnamon Rolls

Who doesn’t love a sweet baked treat in the morning? Sometimes, it’s just what you need to get going. However, driving out of your way to get a cinnamon roll just takes too much time out of your commute, and making your own is just too difficult, right? No! Here’s why making them at home is much simpler than you think.

But don’t I need to use yeast?

To make the perfect cinnamon rolls, you will need to use yeast so they rise correctly and have that fluffy texture that you’ll love. Yeast, though, isn’t as scary as most new bakers think it is. You can buy instant yeast packet mixes in most supermarkets, which take all of the guesswork out for you. When following your recipe, all you have to do is add your packet mix and you should have the perfect amount to use. Double check the amount needed though, to be sure. A packet of yeast usually measures around 2 and 1/4 teaspoons.

How do I make them rise?

The secret lies in finding somewhere to let your dough rise properly. Most home bakers use their oven. Heat up your oven to around 200 degrees, then turn it off. When your dough has been made, place it in a non stick bowl, cover with foil, and place it into the oven for around 60-90 minutes. It’s common wisdom that cinnamon rolls need multiple periods of resting in order to rise properly, putting bakers off as it just seems too long. If you search around online though, you’ll find plenty of recipes that only require one period of resting. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can actually make rolls, ready for your morning commute.

Don’t my measurements need to be precise?

Yes, but it’s not as scary as you think. The accuracy of most home baking equipment is very good, so buy yourself some good quality equipment and you’ll find the process much easier. The best thing to do is to measure every ingredient out before you start making anything. Then, you won’t be frantically trying to measure out your flour when you’re covered in dough and the oven’s already on. Try this step and you’ll find the baking process much less stressful.

Is it really better to make my own cinnamon rolls?

If you’re really short on time or just don’t have the interest in baking, of course it’s totally fine to buy your rolls in. However, most people will agree that home baked goodies always taste better. Fresh out of the oven, nothing tastes better at all. Many shy away from baking as they sense it to be difficult, but in fact if you put in a little bit of work, you’ll find much more reward in baking a batch up for your breakfasts in the week ahead.

Now you know the secret, find a recipe you can follow and try making cinnamon rolls for yourself. Nothing tastes better than fresh baked!

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