The Shining Sweets at the Stanley Hotel {Estes Park, CO}

You may or may not know the scary Stephen King thriller, The Shining.  If not, go see it and have a clean pair of pants nearby because you’re sure to wet them.  It’s based off of the picturesque hotel situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains called The Stanley.  The hotel has been known to have its fair share of ghosts walking the halls, showing up in pictures, and serving you cocktails before noon…that wasn’t a ghost?  Oh well, my bad.

They’re also quite fantabulous at their desserts.  My all time favorite from magical Chef Beickner was the Maple Creme Brulee topped with crispy bacon caramel corn (crazy, I know, right?).  What an insane combination, and something so perfect for the mountains.  Even on a 90 degree day it would make you want to cozy up next to a fireplace. 

After taking the ghost tour, you will have screamed up quite the appetite and will need to stop into Steamers, the cafe down below the hotel.  Here you’ll find Maple doughnuts topped with candied bacon, French macarons, house made Gelato & Sorbet flavors galore (mmm, try the Tahitian Vanilla), and yogurt pops covered in freshly toasted coconut or chocolate.

If you happen to be staying at The Lodge (right next door to the Stanley, but still associated), guests enjoy a gourmet Continental Breakfast filled with home made pastries, which could easily be disguised as dessert, like these fruit tarts.

Or choose from a huge array of filled flaky croissants; blueberry scones served along side of fresh lemon curd.  

And as you walk out the door Midge, the Innkeeper, will hand you Chocolate Coconut Macarons (bundled with the recipe).  If you’re smart you’ll bring several disguises so you can keep walking in and out the door to collect more.

The thing I love about The Stanley Hotel is that its desserts have the elegance of old time, but with a fun fresh new twist.  They’re trendy, yet don’t lose their classic intrigue.  Whether you’re in Estes Park for a day trip or staying overnight, this regal hotel has something for every dessert lover.

PS. For you out-of-staters, you can have your macarons and eat them too!  The Stanley Hotel is launching their Marketplace website where you can purchase anything from linens to their baked goodies and have them shipped to your door.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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