The Smartest Cookies on Earth

Super Accurate Fortune Cookies as you might imagine, take themselves incredibly seriously as a company in the business of future prediction. There is no snarky sense of humor or kitschy fun. They do not come in a cute Chinese takeout box. You will probably cry at the seriousness when you see that they even have red and green Christmas ones and tan and blue Hanukkah ones. Except… I am lying! Because it is the opposite of all that! And just to be clear, what I’m saying is these cookies are zany and all kinds of fun. See…

These little individually wrapped crisps are a hoot. They come in themed boxes including original and the holiday options I mentioned. There is also an option to customize your own boxes for events, parties, company promotions, etc. My family was lucky enough to sample both the Christmas and Hanukkah varieties of Super Accurate Fortune Cookies. One of the Hanukkah ones even predicted that I have a hard time spelling Hanukkah! Yes, that accurate.

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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