The Story behind Penny Chocolates

You probably think my job is all chocolate and sprinkles right? Only getting the dish on the sugar? So not true – well, ok – that’s MOST of my job, but a close second passion of mine is finding out the story behind a company. Did they start from family recipes & traditions passed down throughout the generations? Was it a childhood dream finally coming true? This is where my love falls, while having a plate full of chocolates nearby.

I think I have officially found my favorite story thus far…..Penny Chocolates

 Penny Chocolates – a delicious company of homemade Chocolate and Gelato started by an extraordinary Pastry Chef, Cheryl Schneider, along with her devoted cheerleader & favorite little doggie, Penny.

Cheryl began as an attorney, a what??! You thought this was about a Pastry Chef with a passion? Here’s the best part! Cheryl didn’t even realize that chocolate was a passion and a true calling of hers. It all started with a gift certificate to a culinary school that was gifted to her and was about to expire. On a whim and with no time in her schedule, Cheryl signed herself up for a 20 week class in pastry arts……and the rest is history my friends!

Penny Chocolates come in an adorable little package and filled with creamy and delicious – hand crafted chocolates. The perfect little gift to send or of course, like I do, gift it AND gift yourself!

Don’t you love this story? I just love when the dreams you never thought you had are revealed and become a turning point in ones life to true love, passion and devotion!

Beautifully done Cheryl, beautifully done.

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