The taste of Lodi in sweet wines

As my palate expands with specialty desserts, I am finding myself falling in love with dessert wines. Those simple pairings of wine and dessert create an impression rather just having the routine dessert after dinner. So the wines are now just part of dessert, at least at my table they are.

If you haven’t traveled to Lodi, California, you must! Their array of wineries are sure to make you want to make an annual trip out of tastings in this beautiful area.

I had the privilege of enjoying two of their local wines, one being a Moscato. Now, like I had mentioned, my love for dessert wines have grown immensely over the past year, Thank you Sugar Loco!, but the unique flavors of this wine were memorable. Uvaggio has created a very flavorful Moscato dolce that is perfect paired with a light dessert.

Uvaggio Moscato Dolce Lodi Wine

Lodi offers several signature wines, but  Michael David winery has created a wine that I swear he created for me! Symphony was developed in the 1940’s at UC Davis when Dr. Olma crossed a Muscat de Alexandria with a Grenache Gris creating a brand new grape! (The grape that was created for me, right?!) The Symphony wine  is a deliciously crisp drink full of tropical fruit flavors and pours beautifully into the glass that I hold in my hand, just sayin!

Michael David Symphony Wine


Be sure to visit Lodi the next time you are in town or visit their website filled with information on all their sweet wineries, making Lodi a place to “Discover Someplace Special”.

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