The Zandi {Drink Recipe}

Zandi. What or who is Zandi? How about I tell you its an adorable little loveable giraffe character, who represents South Africa with its warm and friendly characteristics. NOW! What if I told you that South African “Ambassador of Style” and famed lifestyle guru, Colin Cowie created another Zandi? A Zandi that is vibrant, warm and yummy – oh and is an amazingly delicious cocktail! Now you’re listening right? We’ve got the recipe and it’s all for you!

Zandi Gin Drink

The Zandi


–      2 oz. Gin

–      1 Whole Ripe Plum

–      .75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

–      .5 oz. Simple Syrup

–      3 drops of Rhubarb Bitters



–       Muddle whole plum.

–       Add ice and the remaining ingredients.

–       Shake well and strain into a martini glass.

–       Garnish with a lime wheel.

Colin Cowie South African Tourism celebrated the fourth annual Ubuntu Awards with South African lifestyle guru and Master of Ceremonies, Colin Cowie on Monday, April 15, 2013 at the New York Public Library. (Photo Credit: South African Tourism / Karen Seifert Photography)


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