There’s a Skinnygirl in me!

There’s a skinny girl deep down in me, but I can usually shut her up with a brownie or drink!

So I may or may not have twisted that saying a wee bit since I was referencing myself, and yes, it usually IS a brownie or a drink! But I’m here now to tell you, “LET THAT SKINNY GIRL SHINE!”

Skinny Girl Vodka Cucumber

Skinnygirl Cocktails has crafted a line of Vodkas (as well as there many, equally, delicious spirits) that bring you all the flavor you desire but limit the calories you don’t desire. These naturally sweetened, low calorie drinks allow all us ladies and gents to experience the joys of a drink while keeping in line with our dietary lifestyles.

Not only am I lusting over their products, quite frankly I’m loving their website too! Filled with all of their brands, recipes and Skinnygirl tips, they’ve taken a new approach in embracing our fast track, busy trying to watch our weight lives and have provided their consumers with a delicious line of alcoholic beverages.

So whenever you hear that Skinnygirl deep down inside of you, POUR HER A DRINK!

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