This IS the Moscato to try @PreceptWine

I have recently been turned on to the sweet flavors of Moscato and I must say – some are TOO SWEET. Yes, I said it – this sugar loving, wine drinking, dessert loving gal said too sweet. But it’s true. If you are new to wines and are unsure with how you’ll like them, but love your dessert, then moscato may be a way to go, because like I said – they are sweet!

But then I came across HOUSE Market Moscato. I first thought – oh boy, better plan my meals around this one because it’s going to be sweet sweet sweet. So the time was right and I was ready to bust open the bottle – delicious. Pure deliciousness. Not too sweet, but sweet enough. It is honestly one of my most favorite Moscato’s I’ve ever tried, and may even be up with a personal list of loves when it comes to wine.

HOUSE Market Moscato

Flavors of honeyscukle, jasmine and apricot makes this Moscato the perfect balance of sweets to enjoy.

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PS – we did snarf these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion.

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