Three English Snacks You’ll Never See In America

English Snacks

Here in the US we have some of the best snack foods around. In fact, we’re so good at snack food that we invent new and exciting ways to snack all the time. Who doesn’t love a good cronut? However, our neighbours across the pond have some delicious snacks that you’d never see here. Here’s three English snacks that are going to make you book plane tickets straight away.

Cornish pasties

Huh? What’s a Cornish pasty? Simply put, it’s a parcel of uncooked fillings, usually a combination of meat and vegetables, crimped together to keep it sealed. The whole thing is then baked before it’s eaten.

The Cornish pasty has been around so long, no one’s really sure when they originated. We do know, though, that they were a staple of miners from the English town of Cornwall. A pasty could be cooked and taken down into the mines with you. It would stay warm long after you’d baked it, a big plus for workers who weren’t going to access more food during their work day. Most importantly, it was a snack that didn’t require cutlery to eat.

The humble pasty has become an icon, and is enjoyed regularly to this day. In fact, it even has Protected Geographical Indication in Europe. A Cornish pasty must come from Cornwall, accept no subsitiutions.


Crumpets are an English icon, alongside the red telephone box and the Queen. They’re essentially a soft griddle cake made from flour and yeast. They’re often part of an afternoon tea, which is one of the most uniquely English pastimes out there, and one we strongly recommend you try.

The best way to eat a crumpet is to toast it, then use a spread of your choice on top. The traditional favorite is butter, but you can also use honey, jam, or chocolate. The spread will melt into the many holes that are on the top of the crumpet. This means it’ll soak into the crumpet itself, making every mouthful delicious. There’s a reason why the Brits love them so much.

Cadbury’s chocolate

Yes, yes, you can buy Cadbury’s chocolate here in the US, but we’re told that what have access to is nothing like what they have in the UK. Native to Birmingham, England, Cadbury’s chocolate comes in all sorts of exciting shapes and flavors.

UK favorites include their interpretation of Turkish Delight, the luxurious Flake chocolate bar, and the bubbly Wispa bar. In fact, the Wispa was actually discontinued in 2003, but public demand was so great a petition was created to bring it back. In 2007 a limited run was produced, but demand was so great it came back for good the following year. The Brits take their chocolate seriously.

So, have we whet your appetite for all snacks native to England? It’s worth making them yourself here in the US, or even going to the UK, just to experience them for yourself.

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