Three Cheers for Three Tarts

As classmates in culinary school, at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, these baking geniuses earned the nickname “Three Tarts.” The moniker stuck even after graduation, and when Marla D’Urso decided to open her Chelsea bakery + boutique in 2006, she knew there were no better pastry chefs to call upon than Sandra Palmer and Kiyomi Toda-Burke.

Three Tarts is a unique bakery/boutique in what’s affectionately (or maybe I should say confectionately) known as bakery row, in the heart of Chelsea Manhattan (another location just opened uptown at Plaza Food Hall). Acting as both a storefront for goodies and baked goods, the in house treats are a reflection on creativity, season, and personality. These hand crafted goodies include petite fours, parfaits, truffles and shortbread cookies to name a few.

In addition to the confections, Three Tarts provides something greater than both a boutique and bakery, it creates custom made gifts and take-aways, perfect for parties, events or gathering. Client lunch? Individual care packages of sweets. Baby shower? Place hand made and personalized cookies in a decorative box for baby.

Want to hear more good news? Three Tarts loves Halloween. No shocker there, but their collection of petite fours, hand made cookies and gifts are perfect for your secret Halloweener. Boo!There is nothing that these tarts can’t do to please. Your palate and your soul, that is.Three Tarts
Chelsea: Mon-Sat 10-8, Sun 11-6
164 Ninth Avenue, NY (at 20th Street)

Plaza Food Hall:

Mon-Sat 11-9:30, Sun 11-6
1 West 59 Street

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