Three ways to make Spook-tacular Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies

Trick or Treat Sweets

Trick or Treat? How about both! Candy Corns and Mini Kit Kats are a favorite for your little ghost and goblins Halloween parties; but, they can be costly and also wreak havoc on your little ones teeth as well.

Instead of setting out endless bowls of candies like every year before, this year you could make Halloween a night to remember with spook-tacular cookies!

3 Horrifyingly Easy Halloween Cookies

Candy Bowls are so last year and setting out plain cookies won’t fly with your trick or treaters! Take a turn from the traditional cookies; break out your trick bag and give your favorite cookie recipe a twist with these quick and easy ideas to craft your own ghostly treats. Here are three ideas for Halloween Cookies to make your trick-or-treaters scream… for more!

1.      Jack O Lantern Sugar Cookies

Everyone loves a good Jack O’ Lantern on Halloween night; the same can be said about a delicious Jack O’ Lantern Sugar Cookies. Sugar cookies are a seasonal favorite for the holidays. Invest in a premade Store Bought Sugar cookie sheet, preferably Pillsbury, this will cut your cost and prep time in half.

Your local grocer or bakery supply store can provide you with the rest of your crafting supplies; such as Pumpkin shaped Cookie Cutters, Orange and Black Piped Icing, as well as decoration sugars and sprinkles for an extra touch.  Your cookies won’t take long to bake and once they have cooled you can begin decorating a funny faced and even ghoulish looking Jack O’ Lantern Sugar Cookies.

2.      Batty Brownies

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a little bit of fudge! Your trick or treaters and party ghouls are sure to scream over a nice tray or Fudge Brownies. Taking a batch of homemade Brownies and a bat shaped cookie cutter, you can create a treat sure to fly away; when you’re finished, take a dark chocolate and coat the tops of your Brownies.  Simple and quick, take a white icing and make smiling fangs and spooky eyes on your Batty Brownies!

3.      Bloody S’mores!

S’mores might be a camp favorite, but these treats aren’t exclusive to camp fires! Keeping with the tradition of Halloween and making the most of chocolate, these S’mores can be creatively twisted to fit the season. Start by making them ahead of time. Place the chocolate on top the lower graham cracker as you usually would. Soften your Marshmallows and add them to the chocolate toppers.

Before placing the finishing graham cracker on top, take your pre-mixed corn syrup and red food coloring and drizzle it on top the marshmallows’. Place you final graham cracker on top of your Bloody S’mores and set the aside on your serving tray. These simple S’mores will be sure to draw attention to your party table or be a great walking snack for your visiting trick or treaters.

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