Wild Blueberry Lemon Jam and Thumbprint Cookie {Recipe}

Whenever we visit my Aunt everything is homemade. Always experimenting with new recipes and techniques, as a guest I am filled with a smile, knowing each dish was prepared with love, in the anticipation for someone to enjoy.

When I received Robert Lambert’s Wild Blueberry Lemon Jam I was like a kid-in-a-candy-store to see that it was filled with whole blueberries and the scent of sweet lemons. Spreading it across my English Muffin that morning, I felt the same excitement that I feel when visiting my Aunt, the same joy in knowing this jam was made with careful thought all for the purpose of someone’s enjoyment.

Robert Lambert carries an array of products from Syrups, Chocolate Sauce, Caramel and Fruitcakes to his ever so delicious jams coming in flavors like Wild Plum and Raspberry Champagne. And as if I wasn’t thoroughly content with my delicious morning jam, a recipe for thumbprint cookies was included in the delivery. Of course I can’t keep this “just gotta have one more cookie” recipe to myself, so with a big happy heart and crumbs on my desk….ENJOY.


1 Cup of Butter (softened)

2/3 Cup sugar (Cane or Turbinado)

1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla

1 tablespoon of Robert Lambert Syrup (your choice of Thai Ginger, Yuzu, Kaffir Lime, Bergamot, Blood Orange, Rangpur Lime, White Ginger)

2 Cups of all-purpose flour Choice of Robert Lambert Rare Jams, Jellies & Marmalade Varieties

Preheat an oven to three hundred and fifty degrees. Combine one cup of butter (softened) with two-thirds of a cup of sugar (white or turbinado). Mix in one half teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract (both are equally perfect for these cookies) and one tablespoon (your choice) of Robert Lambert syrup (the added layer of flavor is noteworthy!). Add in two cups of all purpose flour and mix until the dough comes together. Roll dough into balls (about one inch). Place on an ungreased cookie sheet (or parchment lined cookie sheet) and make a small hole in the center of each ball with your thumb (don’t go too deep). Fill the hole with your choice of Robert Lambert marmalade or jelly. Bake approximately fifteen minutes or until lightly browned (not all ovens bake the same way so check on them after twelve minutes. RL’s New Wild Blueberry Lemon Jam, Wild Plum Jam, Five Lime Marmalade, Seville Orange Marmalade and Raspberry Champagne Jelly are all exceptional filling choices. Delightful, elegant cookies with fillings that raise the bar to new heights!

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  • October 23, 2012


    He makes soooo many great items. I think this new jam is my favorite!