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Whenever I smell the sweet scent of coconut I instantly envision myself on a beach somewhere relaxing with a drink in hand and not a care in the world. Pretty great that I can do that to myself with just the scent of something when in reality I’m really in a messy kitchen running around trying to make lunch for the kiddos! Hah! Well, today, Chef Chris Brugler is sharing with us a recipe for Toasted Coconut Sorbet which was recently featured on The Hallmark Channel.


Toasted Coconut Sorbet

Toasted Coconut Sorbet

Photo Credit: Hallmark’s Home & Family

Makes 12 Servings


  • 2 cans coco lopez (syrup only)
  • 4½ cups whole milk
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • ½ can coconut milk 
  • 1 vanilla bean (split and scraped)
  • 2 cups toasted coconut – save half to fold into the sorbet see below*
  • Shredded coconut to fold into sorbet and top when serving.
  • 1 coconut cut in half 
  • Mint sprigs


In a 350° F oven, toast shredded coconut about 4–5 minutes.
In a pot, add coco lopez syrup, milk, heavy cream, coconut milk, and vanilla bean. Mix well and bring to a simmer.
Once coconut mixture starts to simmer, add 1 cup of toasted coconut and take off the heat. 
Cover a few times with plastic wrap for 20 minutes
Strain coconut mixture into an ice bath and cool completely. 
Once cold, follow the manufacturer’s directions.
When sorbet is ready to come out, fold in the remaining toasted coconut and freeze.
Serve sorbet in a ½ of a coconut and garnish with toasted coconut and mint.

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