Top 5 Dessert Places in Los Angeles!!!

We’ve crunched all the numbers for you, and here’s the list – The top 5 places to go for dessert in Los Angeles!

1. Surprise Surprise Bake Shop – Studio City

bride-and-groom-vegan-pops(Image Source: Surprise Surprise Bake Shop)

LA’s premiere bakery for delicious Cake Pops! These bite size confections burst onto the scene a few years ago, and Surprise Surprise blows away the competition. The traditional cake pops come in 10 flavors, but there are also gluten free, vegan, brownie, and cereal bites options. If the way the pops are decorated isn’t enough to draw you in, they’re reported to be the perfect combination of moist and rich while still sticking together (as cake pops should!)


2. Bronzed Aussie – Downtown

custard(Image Source: Bronzed Aussie)

The brainchild of Australian Samantha Bryan, this pie shop brings the Aussie tradition of sweet and savory pies across The Pacific to Los Angeles. Teaming up with another Aussie, Michelin trained Executive Chef Lincoln Smith, Bryan brings LA a delectable menu full of pies for everyone. The dessert pies, though, are the focus here. There are the American classics like blueberry and apple, as well as more Down Under selections like the custard tart. When you visit you should ask the owners for their cheeky explanation behind the ANZAC biscuit’s name.


3. DeLuscious Cookies and Milk – Hollywood

deluscious(Image Source:

With a name like DeLuscious Cookies and Milk, you should know exactly what you’re getting. To put it simply, these are the best cookies in LA. They make them in all shapes and sizes, so if you’ve had a good cookie before, chances are there’s a better version of it here. They make them thin and crispy, or light and airy, and everything in between. Hot tip – If you’re a fan of Red Velvet cake, you HAVE to try their Red Velvet Cream Sandwiches – to die for!


4. Creme Caramel LA – Sherman Oaks

upside down pie(Image Source: Creme Caramel LA)

This bake shop is a little bit of a drive up into the Valley, but the drive is WELL worth it. Originally started as a Farmer’s Market sweets booth, partners Kristine de la Cruz and Sean Gilleland, along with their Head Baker, Lisa Yi, have grown into offering a huge line of custards and an ever-increasing number of confections. You can check out their menu online, but there’s a good reason to go hunting for them at the farmers markets and food truck events they still frequent – special limited time selections like the one in the picture!

5.Fugetsu-Do – Little Tokyo

fugetsu do(Image Source: Fugetsu-Do)

Located in the Little Tokyo section of Downtown LA, this charming little mochi shop has been delighting LA patrons for well over a century! They opened in 1903, which makes this by far the oldest shop on the list. You can find a good explanation of Mochi here on their website, but to be honest if you just watch this video from YouTube, I guarantee your curiosity will be piqued. While we can’t promise such a theatrical presentation from Fugetsu-Do, there’s a reason they’ve been around for so long. If you’re going to try mochi in LA, you should get it here.


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