Top Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For House Sitters

By hiring a house sitter, you are hiring someone to stay in your home in exchange for assuming responsibilities, such as taking care of your pets, maintaining the lawn and premises, keeping trespassers out, handling your mail, and so on.

When getting ready to hire a house sitter, there are probably multiple questions running through your head: what happens if one of your pets becomes sick? What happens if the property or home becomes damaged in your absence?

Fortunately, there’s no need to panic. Hiring a house sitter means that your home will not be left all alone, so it will be as if you were actually home.

Once you’ve actually hired a house sitter, the only thing left to do is to get your home ready for their upcoming arrival and stay, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Here are the top tips for getting your home ready for house sitters:


Make Space

First and foremost, you need to ensure that there plenty of space set aside for your house sitter. After all, you are not only trusting the care and maintenance of your home to them, but you are allowing them to stay there. You want them to live in your home comfortable, right?

If any rooms are messy, tidy them up. Have clean sheets and towels ready to go in the bedroom and bathroom respectively, clean out the refrigerator with any old food and have new food that they can access, and ensure that all of the trash bins are kept empty.

If you were house sitting, think about who you would want to have the house prepared, and then prepare it as such.


Provide Emergency Contact Information

Provide your house sitter with a list of emergency contact information for people they can get in touch with in the event of an emergency. At the bare minimum, have the information for at least one neighbor, one friend, and one family member. Provide both the home addresses, email addresses, and home or cell phone numbers.

Of course, don’t forget about providing your own emergency contact information as well. The idea is that your sitter will contact you first, but in the event they aren’t able to, they can turn to the other names you leave them instead.

Have Comfortable (and Clean) Furniture Ready To Go

Having comfortable furniture such as a high quality bed and sofa in your home will also go a long way to making your home more comfortable for your sitter.

Granted, you probably already have furniture in your home if you’re like most people. If you do, ensure that each furniture piece is tidied up and cleaned and ready for your sitter’s arrival. You’ll want to give them a good place where they can relax.

If there are some pieces of furniture that you would rather not have your sitter touch, that’s fine, but they’ll need at least some furniture pieces to use.


Give Your Sitter Information On Utilities 

You should ensure that your house sitter has all of the information they need for your utilities, such as the internet, security systems, water, electricity, and gas.

This way, it will be much simpler for them to handle the situation in the event that there are outages or other issues. It will also be fully necessary if you need your sitter to handle paying your bills for you (make sure that you leave money for this purpose, and offer the money upfront rather than reimbursing them later).


Offer A Welcome Meal

It’s probably not totally necessary, but it is very courteous: have a welcome meal prepared for your house sitter’s first night at the house. If you really want to go the extra distance, can have multiple meals prepared for their entire stay.

Take note that the welcome meal does not have to be anything fancy or special, and you could simply order pizza for them if you wanted to. Just ask your sitter what kind of food they like, and then plan appropriately.


Getting Your Home Ready For House Sitting

Taking the above steps will be the most necessary to complete before you entrust your home to a house sitter.

These steps will help ensure a smoother experience for your sitter so that everything goes smoothly, and so when you return, everything will be exactly as it was when you had left it.

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