TREAT Yourself

When you think of a treat what is it that you think of?

Usually a treat is something you enjoy; usually bringing udder satisfaction and pleasure when received or given.

Well, let me TREAT you to TREAT!

Spiced in a way I’ve never tasted, The Treat Bake Shop has taken Pecan’s to a whole new level. Sweet in the beginning with a bit of spice at the end, I was thoroughly pleased by my special treat!

Made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sarah Marx Feldner has created these rather addicting set of pecans and I am just itching for more. When I first received my treat I knew instantly how I’d be sampling them – crushed over top some homemade Maple Walnut Ice Cream. {Yes, yes I know, mixing the walnuts and the pecans – so delish right?}

The spice in the pecans complemented my creamy ice cream and sent my taste buds into dessert heaven. Very unique in taste, be sure to let yourself enjoy each flavor that burst from this simple treat.

Great to be enjoyed alone, but definitely a special TREAT to be enjoyed with your favorite sweets!

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…



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