True {Sweet Lovin’} Food at True Food Kitchen {Phoenix}

Think for a moment of your favorite sour candy…did your mouth start watering? Mine did.

After just one bite of True Food Kitchen’s Lemon Tart, my mouth was watering for another. This summery citrus dessert made with the pure freshness of lemon did not stop there, but is paired together with fresh strawberries and a made from scratch coconut cream which could not be described other than a puff of happiness. A pure smile of joy came to my face as I enjoyed each masterpiece paired together. The cream of the coconut puff, joined together with the sour citrus of a fresh lemon tart, to then be balanced so beautifully with fresh strawberries.It was a perfect pairing of citrus and cream.

I must also take a moment to comment on their Dairy Free {Vegan} Organic Chocolate Pudding which is complimented by sliced walnuts and pistachio’s. So smooth and creamy I found my inner chocoholic begging for more. The sliced nuts added a perfect texture to an already delicious treat.

I truly am anxious to stop in for some more True Food at True Food Kitchen.

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