Truffle Bars from Seattle that Brighten Your Day

We all know Seattle has been coined the Rainy city, right?  (or do you live in a land without weather reports?) I must admit, Seattle Chocolates really brightened my day, meaning I received 3 of their new sunny flavors on my knocking on my door.  I have to break the rules here at Sugar Loco headquarters (Tracy swings, Jenny ducks), Rule #147: Thou shall chose their FAVORITE item from each selection given and promote the heck out of said item…Sorry my sweet little Tracy-kins, I can’t do it.

So here I stand before you, with chocolate on my lips, a sugar buzz, and tail between my legs…Seattle Chocolates new Summer Love Truffle Bar selection.  All three of them in their delicious glory.  I HEART each one separately and for reasons you must read below.

Lemon Ice Truffle Bar I love white chocolate…Add lemon  candy crunch that white chocolate and I’m a sucker and will do anything you ask…anything.  This white chocolate bar has the perfect combination of creamy melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate and lip puckering lemony pieces. ($3)

Campfire S’more Bar Enjoy a mid-afternoon (or my fave – morning coffee) s’more without lighting your desk and tape dispenser on fire at the office.   Milky-milk chocolate mixed with graham cracker chunks and of course, vegan marshmallows – the classic, in modern form.  Your boss will thank us, and probably come begging for a bite. ($3)

Birthday Cake Truffle Bar You must try this one to believe it for yourself.  Milk chocolate enrobing white cake and confetti…uh huh! Cake in the middle of this chocolate bar – a party!  I had to eat the whole thing to really understand it (I lied, I got it after the first bite, but I really wanted to “get it”.  I’m a professional).  Enjoy this baby on your birthday or your un-Birthday…We don’t care, just eat it! ($3)

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  • July 27, 2011

    Lori Lavender Luz

    You sure have a talent for making my mouth water copiously. The lemon one sounds heavenly. You have such a rough job, you know?

  • September 11, 2011


    The S’mores?!?! Yes, please!