UV Sugar Crush – Candy Flavored Vodka!!!

UV Sugar CrushWe figure everyone here (everyone who is of age that is) loves vodka and candy right? Well good news  Phillips Distilling Company has announced the launch of UV Sugar Crush, the first and only tropical fruit candy-flavored vodka available. Made with all-natural flavors, UV Sugar Crush has an exciting burst of tropical fruit taste – great for mixing fun cocktails or enjoyed on its own.


UV Sugar Crush is distilled four times for premium quality and delicious flavor. Offering light, mixed fruit candy on the nose, the vodka offers a slowly intensifying taste with a lingering finish. A perfect addition to simple, summer-friendly, mixable drinks, it boasts all-natural fruit flavors that arouses the palate. The light, tropical fruit candy flavors celebrate the fun memories of yesteryears consumers are looking to revisit.

Excited about this new candy flavored vodka? Check out UVVodka’s Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for more info!

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