Vacation is just one dessert away {Phoenix}

My afternoon included being whisked away on what felt like a mini vacation, escaping the hustle and bustle of reality, while stepping in to an island experience and being satisfied with what can only be describe as just shy of a heavenly delight.

Tommy Bahamas provides a true island feel with their open windowed dining area, relaxed yet elegant staff and tropical decor, but it’s their dessert that takes you to an exceptional level of enjoyment and relaxation.

Filled with three different types of chocolate, layered high with a made from scratch mousse, their Triple Chocolate Cake was rich and moist making it very difficult to even put my fork down. Garnished with a White Chocolate Cocoa Mousse I was in paradise.

Truly on the sinful side of desserts, I met its match with the house favorite Pina Colada Cake layered high with vanilla cake, freshly crushed pineapple and white chocolate mousse, each layer being spritzed with caramelized rum and if that wasn’t enough, Chef Steven covers this light and airy delight with toasted coconut. So quickly was I encompassed with the feeling of vacation that I didn’t realize how much I had eaten and yet I wasn’t even to my third, final and favorite dessert of them all.

As you can tell from my previous reviews, I usually only highlight one signature dish, but my experience with Tommy Bahamas left me no choice but to include them all. Their Key Lime Pie exploded in my mouth with bursts of lime which were elevated to a new level as all of my senses where stimulated from the smell of lime zest, to the beautiful presentation of house-made white chocolate mousse clouded on top of their creamy key lime filling and rich, yet light graham cracker crust. I was truly experiencing a moment that my taste buds couldn’t wait to repeat.

I am already looking forward to my next mini vacation which is just one date night away.

Don’t have a Tommy Bahama’s nearby? Many of the desserts are also available in Tommy Bahamas Cookbook titled: Life is One Long Weekend.

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