Pure Vanilla Beans and Paste

Almost like gold, vanilla beans are.  And having the best vanilla with the purest flavor is a must.  I received both vanilla beans and vanilla paste from Pinner Vanilla  – having never heard of vanilla paste, I’ve been giving it a try in my cookies, cupcakes, and vanilla buttercream.  The flavor of pure vanilla comes alive in your baking, like a ray of vanilla sunshine.  Pinner Vanilla Paste

The vanilla pods come from Southern India, and arrive fresh at your door – begging you to bake something with them.  Cupcakes, buttercream, ice cream, creme brulee, you name it – they want to be invited to the baking party.  The Vanilla Paste is a stronger form than an extract and includes tons of those sweet little seeds, thick like a syrup, tasty like fresh vanilla beans.

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