Vintage Cakes {Cookbook}

If you’re anything like me, I love all things vintage – well, there are a few exceptions, underwear, electrical appliances, and taxidermy.  I do however love getting back to basics on a lot of things, especially cooking and baking.  The simpler the better, and that’s not just because I am getting more “vintage” as the days past, but it just seems classic and wholesome.

I received a copy of  Vintage Cakes, created by Julie Richardson of Sweet Wares in Portland, OR, and could hardly stand waiting until my son went to bed, and I could open my bottle of wine, to dive into it.  And literally, I read it cover to cover, glass of wine in hand, faster than you can say “50 Shades of Gray”…And I’m pretty sure I was more turned on too.

You’ll be reading through each story behind each recipe of Angel Food, Bundts, Chiffons, and Icebox cakes.  So many beautiful treasures I almost want to adopt it and make it a seat at the dinner table, then at least I’d have cake with every meal.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…



  • August 29, 2012


    You may want to put a post it in your book on page on Page 22, Texas Sheet Cake the bake time should read 22-25 minutes. It’s posted on her bakery website. Maybe pass it along on here too?

  • August 29, 2012


    That book looks amazing! Can’t wait to hunt it down. Thanks for the hot tip 🙂