Voga Italia Wines

I gently popped the cork of these classy wine bottles as I settled in by the fire.  Getting ready to enjoy a magazine, possibly two, in my comfy cashmere, during my quiet evening at home.  I took my first sip, swished it around a little, feeling the crispness on my tongue.  Enjoying every little taste, and excited for more after each swallow.  I really enjoyed this bottle of Voga Italia Pinot Grigio

Ok, that’s not how it happened at all.  I opened the bottle in a panic one Tuesday night, kids going crazy, water from the boxed mac n cheese boiling over.  Phone rings, my son reaches for the cork, proceeds to chuck it at my eye, then climbs on a chair and dunks the wine bottle lid into my wine glass – I scream “NOOOOO, MY WIIIIIINE!!!”.  My daughters are playing some sort of soccer meets football type game in the living room, I hear things crash.  I take my first gulp and instantly am transformed to that fantasy above.  If only this bottle of wine came with Super Nanny, I’d make sure I had a stocked wine cellar in my house.  Ok, so it doesn’t come with Super Nanny, but with bottles ranging from $5.99-$15.99, they can easily be kept on hand for lightly sipping with friends, or gulping because the hubby is going to be working late.

Crisp, cool, fruity (apples and pears, oh my) flavors make this wine completely delightful to drink.

PS – drink responsibly 

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